06 February 2010

A day at PAPN Putrajaya (1) - 05/02/10

Fun in the mud after the rain - 1 and 3 years old.
Developing nature observation skill.

Rania, Annisa and Aniq.


Zafry, Haffizan, Rania, Adam, Aniq and Annisa.

Akmal, Annisa, Rania and Aniq.

Akmal all wet and dirty.

Fatin loves playing in the mud.

Akmal with mud and dirt on his face.

Aniq's slippers got stucked in the mud.

Aniq is not afraid to get dirty and filthy.

Sand pit time - 3 years old.

Shurfa, Annisa, Faqiha and Aiman Syafiq.

Annisa, Faqiha, Zafry and Aiman Syafiq.

Six precious 3-years-old kids.
Sorting beads according to their colours - 3 years old.
Pra-math component.

Cikgu Ida assisting the kids.

White's done.

Annisa did well sorting pink beads.
Water play time - 4 years old.

Ummar, Faizal, Zihny, Irfan and Aisya.

Ummar filling up the bottles.

Six precious gems of 4 years-old kids.


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  1. zafry ngan qihah dh meninggi lah =)

    ehe deme mmg suke main lumpur kn =)

    faizal, umar, zihny, irfan n aisya... rindunye... smue dh besaq =)